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How many possible starting lineups can an NBA team create?

The job of being a coach is one of the most thankless jobs out there. If a team is doing good, fans usually assume it is because of the players. Whereas if a team is struggling the blame quickly falls on the coach. Managing people, in general, is a challenge but today I want to shine a light on just how difficult being a coach is. I’ll do this by showing you how complicated just selecting a starting lineup is. …

That’s what’s going down. Probability and the NBA Draft, y’all.

Many people have, at one point, dreamed about being a star athlete who is about to be drafted to the professional league of their choosing. While the dream might look different for each person, the main constant in this dream is being drafted. It doesn’t matter if that dream goes into the process of working out and interviewing for different teams, having a (pandemic-appropriate) party with your immediate family, or whatever cut-scenes NBA 2K has for that year’s MyCareer story, the dream is based around being drafted. …

Continuing the intro to probability with the Golden State Warriors.

Last week, I posted an article quantifying how great of a shooter Steph Curry is, and how insanely low his probability of making 77 three-point shots in a row truly is. Spoiler if you haven’t read the first article: It’s incredibly unlikely. Like super, super unlikely. If you haven’t read last week’s article, you’re potentially not going to know what I’m referring to. However, I’ve got you covered. Here’s where you can find that article: Probability of Independent Events with Steph Curry. Those that have read the first one, let’s continue with our friend, Mr. Steph Curry — shall we?

An intro to probability with the greatest shooter of all time

When thinking of the best videos to look up on YouTube, part of me wants to say that this video is not among the most accredited. How?! 77 made shots in a row and completing 93 out of 100 attempts. There are so many things out there in this world that happen less frequently than 93% of the time. Now, obviously, the sample size is only 100, but that is still wildly impressive. Give Steph the respect he deserves, you know?

In this article, I seek to explain how doing anything successfully 77 times in…

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